Saturday, 16 July 2011

reunited again

lovely times today as well all caught up with each other

we went to see Zena's latest gallery show ... and the girls had to tie my hands to stop me buying up lots of pictures :-)

If you would like the LM just drop me an IM :-)

After that we all went home to try out some new cuddle positions ... thank you dear sindi for making our home so lovely !

Speaking of sindi ... I had to explain some SL/RL rules to her ... she had gone on an RL holiday without asking me for a visa ... so of course I was WORRIED when I could not find her last weekend ... so we punished her by tying her down and tickling her ... seems that someone enjoyed the tickling :-) but was it the tickler, the ticklee, or both ?

So roberta and I left the ticklee to be the chief tickler :-)

As a treat I took roberta to the keyhole Club's motel where I chained her to a railing overlooking the pool ... and naturally she had to be stripped to display her charms to ...

... all below in the pool 

... and those in the rooms behind

... people in the diner

... and people in shopping mall strip

... and as you would expect we quickly had an audience  

... and when I thought there was enough interested onlookers 

... I *poofed* leaving my darling to get out of her chains by herself and run away :-)

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