Saturday, 2 July 2011

A return to (ab)normality ;-)

So this is my first SL weekend for a loooong time, and I had much to make up for.

I had two lovely plays - Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday's I had spent days thinking about and day-dreaming about.
Perhaps I was selfish ?
But I enjoyed it ;-)
Sunday was far more relaxed.
Please enjoy the photo gallery :-)

Saturday: I should explain that this play was preceded by preparation instructions to the girls to have ready the following ingredients:
  1. a frozen banana
  2. a kilo of melted butter fresh from the microwave
  3. an aubergine
  4. a wooden spatula
I kindly brought the hammer, nails and hemp rope; and we proceeded to nail eefje to the floor which always reminds me of that song ;-)

Once eefje ws staked out, I had roberta sit on her face ...

... I give you three guesses where the banana was

... mean while I commanded sindi to use the wooden spatula to sensitize eefje ...

 ... I give your three guesses as to what we were sensitizing

... and then sindi was instructed to sooth the sensitized skin with the warmly melted butter

... and then sindi had to lick the licker of the lickee clean.


Having suitably christened the dungeon that sindi built for me, we retired to the throne for some stress relief ... and the girls took good care of me

 giving me a foot massage

and then we sat back and allowed sindi to display herself to us

Sunday, was far more relaxing, I had promised roberta her special treat, and so we went somewhere (unfortunately the Keyhole SIM was full) where I put her on display

sadly I only managed to take that first picture, but here is how the scene unfolded from there :-)

[2011/07/02 14:46]  Roberta's collar: Roberta gives Olivia Paderborn a big foot-worship.
[2011/07/02 14:47]  Olivia Paderborn taps the girl's bottom with her whip
[2011/07/02 14:47]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): ohhh sorry Miss
[2011/07/02 14:48]  Olivia Paderborn lets the end of the whip caress the girl's exposed skin
[2011/07/02 14:48]  Olivia Paderborn: what is this place I find you in ?
[2011/07/02 14:48]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): not sure Miss
[2011/07/02 14:48]  Olivia Paderborn looks suspicious
[2011/07/02 14:48]  Olivia Paderborn: are you sure ?
[2011/07/02 14:49]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): yes Miss
[2011/07/02 14:49]  Olivia Paderborn: I hope you have not been messing around with boys again
[2011/07/02 14:49]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski) shakes her head
[2011/07/02 14:49]  Olivia Paderborn looks at Ko
[2011/07/02 14:50]  Ko: o.O
[2011/07/02 14:50]  Olivia Paderborn: do nice girls come here Ko ?
[2011/07/02 14:50]  Olivia Paderborn: or is my girl telling tall tales ?
[2011/07/02 14:50]  Ko: hehe not really
[2011/07/02 14:50]  Olivia Paderborn frowns: I thought so
[2011/07/02 14:51]  Olivia Paderborn has her arms akimbo as she speaks sternly to her girl: ro-ber-ta
[2011/07/02 14:51]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): yes Mistress
[2011/07/02 14:51]  Olivia Paderborn wags the whip
[2011/07/02 14:52]  Olivia Paderborn: what am I going to do with these lustful desires you have ?
[2011/07/02 14:52]  Olivia Paderborn: shall I beat them out of you ?
[2011/07/02 14:52]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): it was a bad dream Miss
[2011/07/02 14:52]  Olivia Paderborn: hmmmm
[2011/07/02 14:52]  Olivia Paderborn: tell me about this "bad" dream
[2011/07/02 14:53]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): whispers, I found myself nude in a park
[2011/07/02 14:53]  Olivia Paderborn: not Central Park I hope !
[2011/07/02 14:53]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): more a forest
[2011/07/02 14:54]  Olivia Paderborn: nude .....hmmmm
[2011/07/02 14:54]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): but not with so many people
[2011/07/02 14:54]  Olivia Paderborn looks at her girl's patches of skin
[2011/07/02 14:55]  Olivia Paderborn: nude sounds ..... an interesting dream
[2011/07/02 14:55]  D*** B****: yes very
[2011/07/02 14:55]  Olivia Paderborn uses the whip to flick at the girl's buttons
[2011/07/02 14:55]  m***** D***: hi
[2011/07/02 14:55]  Olivia Paderborn: would you like to be nude ?
[2011/07/02 14:55]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): no miss
[2011/07/02 14:56]  M********: speaking spanish????
[2011/07/02 14:56]  Olivia Paderborn mimics: "no miss"
[2011/07/02 14:56]  E*** H*****: hi
[2011/07/02 14:56]  Olivia Paderborn undoes the top button of roberta's outfit
[2011/07/02 14:56]  B******* V*******: hi
[2011/07/02 14:57]  E*** H*****: wanna play?
[2011/07/02 14:57]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): ok blushes deep red
[2011/07/02 14:57]  Olivia Paderborn starts unravelling the lacings
[2011/07/02 14:57]  Olivia Paderborn: how about I hear a real "no miss"
[2011/07/02 14:58]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski) feels her top sliding off
[2011/07/02 14:58]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): and Obeys
[2011/07/02 14:58]  Olivia Paderborn runs her finger between roberta's clevage
[2011/07/02 14:59]  leo: bonjour tout le monde
[2011/07/02 15:00]  Olivia Paderborn removes the tight top and watches roberta's breasts spring free
[2011/07/02 15:00]  Olivia Paderborn covers her girl's nakedness with an embrace
[2011/07/02 15:00]  MorenoTFC: OK
[2011/07/02 15:00]  DIOR: tres bien
[2011/07/02 15:01]  Olivia Paderborn: no one can see :) but I can feel :D
[2011/07/02 15:01]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski) winks to the empty house on her right
[2011/07/02 15:02]  Olivia Paderborn smiles
[2011/07/02 15:02]  Olivia Paderborn: show me the way
[2011/07/02 15:03]  Welcome Mat: Welcome to the Slut Hause! Fuck your brains out!
[2011/07/02 15:05]  Olivia Paderborn looks up at her naked girl on display
[2011/07/02 15:06]  Olivia Paderborn: mmmmm :)
[2011/07/02 15:06]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski) thinks she is safe now
[2011/07/02 15:06]  Olivia Paderborn: I love how your boobies move
[2011/07/02 15:06]  Olivia Paderborn reaches up and pulls down the leather pants
[2011/07/02 15:06]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): ohhhhhhhhhhh
[2011/07/02 15:06]  Olivia Paderborn: let us have all of you on display
[2011/07/02 15:07]  Olivia Paderborn digs in her purse for a bright red lipstick
[2011/07/02 15:07]  Olivia Paderborn: let me think ....
[2011/07/02 15:07]  Olivia Paderborn: what shall I write on this naked canvas
[2011/07/02 15:07]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): ehh you ask me Miss
[2011/07/02 15:07]  Olivia Paderborn: "property of ..." or "availale for all ...."
[2011/07/02 15:08]  Olivia Paderborn thinks hard
[2011/07/02 15:08]  Olivia Paderborn writes an arrow pointing down roberta's tummy
[2011/07/02 15:08]  Olivia Paderborn: and the scribbles
[2011/07/02 15:08]  Olivia Paderborn: "slippery when wet"
[2011/07/02 15:08]  Olivia Paderborn smiles
[2011/07/02 15:08]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): ohhhh
[2011/07/02 15:08]  Olivia Paderborn: there's a start
[2011/07/02 15:09]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): you wont leave me alone here Miss
[2011/07/02 15:09]  Olivia Paderborn stands and kisses the girl's nipples
[2011/07/02 15:09]  Olivia Paderborn: only if I get a better offer
[2011/07/02 15:10]  Olivia Paderborn: perhaps one of these nice gentlemen would take me ballroom dancing
[2011/07/02 15:10]  Olivia Paderborn: hmmmmmm ?
[2011/07/02 15:10]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): not the full house please
[2011/07/02 15:11]  Olivia Paderborn writes across one breast: "tasty"
[2011/07/02 15:11]  Olivia Paderborn: and on the other breast "try me"
[2011/07/02 15:11]  Olivia Paderborn tastes the nipple
[2011/07/02 15:12]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski) feels very hot now
[2011/07/02 15:12]  Olivia Paderborn: strawberry flavour :D
[2011/07/02 15:13]  Olivia Paderborn: are you too close to the fire ?
[2011/07/02 15:13]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): yes Miss
[2011/07/02 15:13]  Olivia Paderborn: so you are "hot" :) or "hawt" do you think :))
[2011/07/02 15:14]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): better offer is the other house miss and thinks hard
[2011/07/02 15:14]  Olivia Paderborn: better "offer" ?
[2011/07/02 15:15]  Olivia Paderborn: you mean I might get to dance there :)
[2011/07/02 15:15]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): maybe I needed a lesson as you said before
[2011/07/02 15:16]  Olivia Paderborn: come into my arms
[2011/07/02 15:16]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): mmmmmmmmm
[2011/07/02 15:16]  Olivia Paderborn: sweet kusjes
[2011/07/02 15:17]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): kusjes
[2011/07/02 15:17]  Olivia Paderborn: time for us to go home my dearest
[2011/07/02 15:17]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): ok Miss and is happy
[2011/07/02 15:17]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): you had me worried

so we *POOF* and *poof*

[2011/07/02 15:22]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): was too crowded there
[2011/07/02 15:22]  Olivia Paderborn nods
[2011/07/02 15:22]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski) admits she was a bit worried and took the easy way
[2011/07/02 15:23]  Eva Afarensis (eefje.afarensis): Back
[2011/07/02 15:23]  Sin (sindi.silvera) smiles
[2011/07/02 15:23]   Roberta Silva  (roberta.kowalski): safe at home
[2011/07/02 15:23]  Olivia Paderborn: welcome back :)
[2011/07/02 15:23]  Sin (sindi.silvera): Greetings Mistress Olivia, Miss roberta
[2011/07/02 15:23]  Olivia Paderborn: hmmm such nakedness
[2011/07/02 15:23]  Olivia Paderborn: I feel out of place :)
[2011/07/02 15:24]  Olivia Paderborn strips

As you read above, afterwards we went home, got naked in the spa on top of the castle (yesterday you saw what was on the bottom of the castle!) and caught up with sindi (who gave me a neck massage) and eefje ...

it was lovely relaxing with laughter and good times

All too soon it was time for roberta to go to bed, and then sadly I had to leave

leaving behind eefje and sindi to kiss themselves to bed :-)

OXOXO until next week :-))

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