Saturday, 21 May 2011

such naughty goings on

first ... my apologies for not being a great photographer ... I forgot to adjust the sun at times ... and I have some avatar pose glitches

but ... what IS important, is that with roberta's help I took care of julie who had been missing us all

We started in Yangpa with the two girls being quite well behaved ... so demure :-) but beneath those lowered eyes there lurks great naughtiness ;-)

I told them to remove their tops and play with their nipples

then I asked who was wearing panties ... roberta being the princess she was, had a pair on, and so I instructed julie to crawl to roberta and remove then panties with her teeth

then julie crawled and brought me the panties in her mouth as well as roberta's skirt

then julie had to return to roberta and ... examine the princess and report back to me

and so julie detailed what she found in her investigations ;-)

at which point I joined the girls

and assisted their enjoyment by removing julie's french maid skirt

seeing that both girls were happy (and excited) we decided (that is to say, I decided, *wink*) to go on a crawling display at the bondage ranch (having insisted that they were butt plugs as protection)

sadly bondage ranch was maxed out, so we went to the Keyhole motel so the girl's could be on display

after they had wriggled their bottoms at the audience in the window, and then kissed my feet, I let them sit on the couch with me

sure enough we attracted a small crowd of onlookers and listeners to our intimate discussions :-)

I imagine that by now the couch was quite soaked

it was quite lovely sitting between these two beautiful darlings

my lovely princess

and beautiful julie

and sure enough :-) someone could hold back no longer
not content to be a voyeur he entered our motel room

so we had a special group hug and kiss to get him really excited

and then we *poofed* back to Yangpa where I praised my darlings for being such "good" girls and wonderful pets, and wished them both a lovely good night ...

... fully of wonderful dreams of our naughty times together


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