Sunday, 20 March 2011

Dancing the light fantastic (again) with some sad thoughts

Today I logged on and thought no one was there (the Lindens were being monkeys again), so I went straight to an "Only Half Crazy" concert.

It turned out that it was for tinies, and so I chose a solo tiny's ball and danced :-)

No doubt ellie will be pleased to see me "cut down to size" :D

The yellow crayon donations box was for the Japanese tsunami and earthquake victims ... and undoubtedly nuclear victims to be ... I have been reading the papers about Chernobyl where there is an estimate that up to a million may eventually die due to radiation poisoning. Let us pray this does not happen in Japan . . . . . .

Anyway, back to frivolity, here is a picture of a tiny OHC and her GIANT hamster.

Then eefje came on, and so I went with her to a Elvera concert, where I was more sensible in my dance steps :-) and because she was singing "blue velvet dress" I changed into a blue gown that was one of my very first purchases in SL:

And then roberta logged on :-) and I was able to dance with her (BTW that robot is eefje being my court jester, and being dressed up as a dancing robot, I should have mentioned that Elvera was also supporting tinies are her event -- that's tinies evie, not tinnies !)

Then I had to leave them both to go to work :-(

XOX to my dear readers

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